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The Parish Council’s area of the website is here to keep you as informed and involved as possible about the past, present, and future activities of the Parish Council which works on behalf of the people of the village of Wendling.


Full meetings are held every two months and Planning Meetings are held as and when necessary.  Any parishioner is welcome to come along and hear discussions about current issues.  A public session is held prior to the commencement of each meeting.


Parish Councils are the cheapest and least bureaucratic kind of local authority, and in Wendling all the Councillors are independent of any political party.


The Councillors are elected for four years and bye-elections may be held to fill vacancies occurring between elections.



Accounts and minutes


Governance statement 2014/2015

Local internal audit 2014/ 2015

Audit statement 2014/2015

Audit certificate 2014/2015
Audit of Annual Accounts 2015-
WENDLING financial statement 2015



Governance statement 2015/ 2016

Accounting statement 2015/2016


Account certificate 2015/ 2016

Internal audit statement 2015/2016

Audit certificate 2015/ 2016

Audit statement 2015/ 2016

External auditor certificate 2015/2016
Wendling financial statement 2016
Financial Audit for year ending 31/03/17


Accounts Information 2018

Contact Details

Accounts Summary 2018

Audit Report 2018

Bank Rec

Certificate of exemption

Dates of Public Rights

Internal Audit Report for year ending 31st March 2017

Explanation of Variances




January 2017
March 2017
Parish Council Meeting May 2017
Annual Parish Meeting May 2017


Parish Council minutes May 2018

Annual Parish meeting May 2018

JULY 2018 – draft




September 2018 Wendling P C public notice of September 2018 meeting for website

November 2018 Wendling P C Public Notice of November 2018 meeting for website



If you require copies of past accounts, minutes or agendas please contact the Parish Clerk Griselda Hubbard on 01362 693427



Who Controls the Parish Council?

A Chairman is elected each year and controls the business of the Parish Council’s meetings. The Parish Clerk takes the minutes, carries out the approved policies of the Council and ensures the accounts are strictly kept.  Parish Council meetings are open to the public and an Annual Meeting for all parish electors is held in May.


The Current Parish Councillors are:

  • Stephen Warwick-  Chairman – 01362 687228
  • Christina Foster – Vice Chair – 01362 687724
  • Andrew Jenness – 07787 050408
  • Sarah Hughes-Wade – 01362  687135
  • Matthew Olley – 07766 203989
  • Sally Knight – 01362 681945


The Parish Clerk is: 

  • Mrs Griselda Hubbard – 01362 693427



In Wendling, the Parish Precept of £5000 for 2018 is divided by a formula based on the number of properties in Wendling and is collected as part of the Council Tax payment.


What powers has the Parish Council got in order to do things?

The small size of our village and the level of the precept is obviously very limiting, but over the years the Parish Council has had considerable input to the provision and maintenance of the village hall, ongoing maintenance of the hedgerows and open spaces.  Notice boards, rights of way, footpaths, and bridleways are all monitored and mostly maintained by the Parish Council. The Council has the power to improve the quality of village life by spending sums of money on things which in it’s opinion, are in the interests of the parish and it’s residents as a whole. Initiating and maintaining this website is one example of this process.


Link to Breckland Council   :




 WENDLING NOV 2018 agenda


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